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Welcome to the Iancoullahan1 Wiki

This is an un-official wikia about the youtube channel Iancoullahan1 and their videos.

The people it is about:


Editing Rules

  • No fanon or fan-fiction
  • Youtube Poop and Spinoff videos are not allowed. If you want to post a video response or a informative video NOT by iancoullahan1 then please head over to the fanmade videos/video responses.
  • If posting a location, be accurate as possible.
  • Do not nuke topics. Any nuking will equal an IP ban.
  • No changing the main page unless there is a grammatical error.
  • Be sure to triple check your information.
  • If you used a website to gather your information other than YouTube or adopolus's website, leave the link to it in the summary.
  • No posting negative, or even positive opinions on the pages. Remember that this site needs reliable info, not some people insulting or praising someone.
  • Use American grammar and spelling (example spell the words like this: Color, Favorite, Favored, Flavor and always say Sidewalk and wad) due to the fact the creator and the people it's about are from the States.
  • If you create a page with a lack of grammar, you will receive a "grammar strike". Two grammar strikes, and you're banned. Sorry, I just hate to see what this wiki has gone to.

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